• Manta Night Dives

    Watch the Manta Rays feed during a spectacular night dive.

  • Scuba diving with turtles

    We know the places on Kona where you will see turtles on your dives.

  • Having Dolphin cravings?

    During our early morning dives you might end up meeting a pod of curious dolphins

TORPEDO TOURS Personalized Boat Excursions on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. Divers from all over the world are welcome at our dive center, and will benefit from our skilled coaching and teaching.

TORPEDO TOURS is located in Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Do you dream of listening to humpback whales singing, and feel the song vibrate in your chest?
Do you want to play with dolphins or dive inside lava tubes striped with rays of sunlight?
Would you like to swim with sea turtles? See scores of colorful and diverse fishes?
Would you like to feel the current surge as a 12 foot Manta Ray flaps its wings, harmlessly seeking a meal of plankton above you?

The southwestern coast of the Big Island offers exceptional dive sites, famous for their shoreline flora, fauna and reefs. Among the most famous are Honaunau, Kona Paradise and Milolii. You can observe Hawaiian sea turtles, monk seals, and a large variety of tropical fish including the famous Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, Hawaii’s Official State fish, moving among the coral reefs, canyons and lava tubes of this active island.

TORPEDO TOURS offers these adventures to you for small groups, away from the popular and crowded locations in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Our years of experience have caused us to seek out the best dive sites in Kona.

Through our passion for diving we can help you to see unique geology and surprising undersea creatures. We provide unsurpassed safety in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

Let us show you this wonderful undersea world!


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“Great 2-tank dive in clear blue water”
5 of 5 stars, Reviewed 13 October 2015
Mike, Allen and Chris were incredible. They found some incredible diving spots, showed us some great octopus and the water was just perfect. It was a fun-filled adventure with my boys making it the highlight of our trip so far. It was also fun to have Scout on the boat. He definitely added to the entertainment.

Visited October 2015

FriedWWoodinville, Washington, United States

5 of 5 stars, Reviewed 11 October 2015
NIKKI, MIKE AND ALAN were WONDERFUL!! Getting my final open water dives to get certified with Nikki was a AWESOME experience. The crew took their time with me and helped me get comfortable with the equipment. All were very nice, friendly, informative and just all around GREAT!!! Scout was also fun to have aboard, scouting for dolphins!! He loves to have his back scratched!!!! Scout even jumped in and went swimming with us a couple times! We did 2 2tank dives along with the Manta Ray Night Dive. The Manta dive was SPECTACULAR!!! It was just AMAZING watching these large manta rays swimming all around you gathering plankton.
Mike loves to catch the day octopuses and allows you to touch them and see them up close. So cool!! Definitely will use TorpedoTours again!!! Thank you Mike, Nikki and Alan for the wonderful experience and helping me get certified!!! Tina Gauwitz, Metamora Illinois